Powerful yet simple user acquisition for any Crypto business

From getting identifiable Crypto wallets to sourcing users with complete KYC, your Crypto business can acquire ready-to-activate users on Holdex

Why list my Crypto business on Holdex?

Leverage a highly-relevant network

Crypto users come to Holdex to discover and experience the best on offer on the Crypto-Verse, and that is the same reason partners like wallets, Crypto influencers, and community-oriented Crypto products join our network. We are all about delighting the Crypto community in Holdex — if your project has a sweet deal to offer, we would love to place it in our marketplace.

Getting more users with Holdex is simple:

Craft an irresistible deal

An airdrop of your Cryptoasset, a giveaway of your product, or perhaps promotional terms for your service — make it sell, make it sexy!

Define your capture fields

Make it Crypto relevant: start with a wallet, an email, a name; go all the way to passports and selfies to expedite the KYC process.

Blast away and convert!

Take advantage of our Community, painstakingly built by gathering the most engaged Crypto channels and influencers under a common vision of a better ecosystem.

Use the right tool for the job

  • Source users you can actually activate
  • Collect custom fields like wallet ID and KYC attributes
  • Verify your user with on-chain data, KYC/AML checks — right on our platform!

Budget and time your Growth

How much do you spend to acquire users at present? Chances are, like other Crypto businesses, you do not know for certain. Holdex puts a clear dollar-number to your user acquisition efforts. Switch your attention between development and growth phases as your business needs change.

“We tried to go viral, we tried search and social media platforms, yet our Crypto solution had disappointing traction. We gave Holdex a try and we are never looking back: with a few clicks, we put our product out to hundreds of Crypto communities. We got more users than anywhere else — a flawless experience!”
— WhiteBit
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