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Holdex weekly review. Get to know ShapeShift, Celsius Network and QuarkChain.

By Manny Reimi

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Holdex Community Digest, vol. V

TL;DR: Check out the most notable articles and discussions written recently in Holdex, in the ShapeShift , Celsius Network , and QuarkChain communities

In this, the fifth volume of the Holdex Community Digest, we introduce you three discussions on different Crypto communities that made the cut as the top stories for you:

Understanding ShapeShift: a beginner’s guide and review

ShapeShift is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Switzerland. The platform is available via Web and mobile app in iOS and Android in English, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

ShapeShift’s customer service is available 24/7 via ticket, and is considered Excellent by 150+ reviews in Trustpilot , with a score of 4.8.

More about ShapeShift in the full review

Understanding the Celsius Network: a beginner’s guide and review

The Celsius Network is a major decentralized finance application that offers Crypto savings and loans. The service is accessible via mobile applications for both iOS and Android . Support is available via ticket and email. Besides Crypto finance, the Celsius wallet offers a zero-fee payment product in CelPay.

More about Celsius Network in the full review

Understanding QuarkChain: a beginner’s guide and review

QuarkChain is a high-speed blockchain network with a next-generation architecture that aims to deliver significant performance efficiencies at scale over existing technology without sacrificing security or decentralization.

More about QuarkChain in the full review

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