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By Manny Reimi

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Holdex Community Digest, vol. VII

TL;DR: Check out the most notable articles and discussions written recently in Holdex, in the yEarn, Curve, and Maker communities

In this, the seventh volume of the Holdex Community Digest, we focus on guides on DeFi projects we think everyone in the space should know about:

Understanding yEarn: a beginner’s guide and review

yEarn review cover

yEarn Finance (sometimes stylized as is a DeFi aggregator and yield rebalancer. Funds locked into yEarn contracts are periodically rebalanced between a select group of lending protocols to maximize yield.

In this article, we will be taking an introductory look at yEarn Finance in order to better understand all the hype around this newcomer in the DeFi space.

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Understanding Curve: a beginner’s guide and review

Curve review cover

Curve Finance is one of the most popular projects currently operating within the DeFi space. Having started off with stablecoin swapping functionality with low slippage, Curve has now been integrated into many different nooks and crannies of the DeFi ecosystem.

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Understanding Maker: a beginner’s guide and review

Maker review cover image

MakerDAO (often just Maker) is a credit protocol that mints the DAI stablecoin, the Crypto-Verse’s first fully decentralized dollar-pegged asset, backed only by other cryptoassets. DAI and MKR, the protocol’s governance token, are at the basis of so many DeFi applications that it is well worth understanding their functioning and significance.

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