Edit Listing Info & Embeddable Kudos Badge

By Manny Reimi

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Edit Listing Info

  • Edit your Listing info by clicking on Edit project on the header of your Listing.
  • HoldexBot will collect your request.
  • add/edit your Listing with the following attributes: website, tagline, description, social media links (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Telegram, Medium, GitHub — all supported), app download link (App Store, Play Store), category, and logo.

Embeddable Kudos Badge

  • Receive Kudus outside of Holdex: get more followers and show your standing in the Crypto community.
  • From your Listing page, look for the embed project button or go to holdex.io/marketpl...
  • Choose between the Light and the Dark versions of the badge and copy the code.

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