Performance review

Discover our performance review process and policies

By Mark Curchin

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Individual performance is tracked and reviewed regularly by team staff. The following points are taken into consideration when evaluating performance.

🚚 Solution deliverablesHow many solutions were delivered? How many of those solutions are highly valuable to the goals. Execution time is different from estimation time?
👥 Team-workParticipation in review and testing. Contribution to other members’ solutions. Help to keep other team members accountable.
📚 Principles and guidelines followHow many times the engineering principles and guidelines were respected or violated
📣 Feedback from other team membersHigh-fives or negative reports from team members. Feedback from retrospective

Your performance helps us understand your contribution to the company and the synergy with our team and goals. It helps us make decisions related to compensation, leaves and your personal growth.

Dealing with problems

We understand that it’s nearly impossible to maintain a flawless performance. And we also have areas to improve ourselves. When problems arise, we try to help each other deal with them.

In special cases, we are forced to follow these steps:

  1. Issue verbal / written warning
  2. Issue written suspension
  3. Termination

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