September 14, 2019

Does your dApp have maximum outreach?

#dApps #promotion

We all would love to discover more cool dApps. But how do we do that?
In Holdex we have release marketplace to help anyone who is looking for a new upcoming dApps or old goodies. Every listed dApp has exposure to a big community of crypto user and supporters.

July 8-11th, 2019

Holdex joins RISE 2019 as BETA startup

Thanks to everybody passing by our stand at RISE Conf last week! Amazing crowd this year with a genuine interest for decentralizationand the huge potential of tokenization

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Great catching up with SELF TOKEN, Blockpass, Horangi, UBS, Merkle Science, BlockShow and so many more!

You didn't get to meet us at RISEconf? No worries! Drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll make up for the missed opportunity;-)

June 25-28th, 2019

Singapore galore: Holdex at Seamless Asia and Innovfest Unbound 

Last week was a blast! It started out with Seamless Asia, connecting with great industry players like  Coinhako and Onchain Custodian, and finished up with a 2-day exhibition at Innovfest Unbound where Holdex had the honor to join the Future of Financing battle!

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Great days and great crowd - can't wait to be back next year!

June 6th, 2019

Holdex lands on European soil with Startup Grind Europe 2019

Holdex first event on European soil was a blast with Startup Grind! Awesome to meet so many incredibly active people both in thestartup and crypto scene.

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Thanks to Google, QuickBook, Oracle, Heroku, Intercom and the other sponsors for making this happen together with startupgrind local chapters.Thanks as well to everyone stopping by our booth to get to know us and our vision - Angel Versetti, Alessandro Raffelini, Danny Bonta, Paybase, Mode Platform, Modex Tech,  Publicize, Sovereign Magazine.

After meeting so many brilliant teams and projects in London, we feel there is so much more we can do support new projects with fundraising and user acquisition efforts. Are you one of those? Reach out to us at [email protected] and let's have a chat!

Be ready to raise funds and acquire users for your DApp within days - easy, affordable and complaint.

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