The best way to sign
business agreements

Sign, manage and share business documents online with signatories you truly know.

Identity verification meets Agreements

Successful business is built on great relationships. Great relationships are built on trust and agreements. Build your business on strong foundations and sign all your documents with verified parties.

Risk screening
AI Risk screening
AML report
Identity validation

Evidence of agreement

Relax knowing that your agreements are sealed, traceable, and unchangeable; written in stone as if personally signed in front of a lawyer who retains the original copy forever.

Record evidence

Evidence of signed agreements can now live on the blockchain, a neutral environment where everything is both ‘written in stone’ and easily accessible to all parties.

Preserve privacy

The content itself is not written into the blockchain or exposed publicly. A ‘digital fingerprint’ verifies each document, and only the parties to the agreement can access the original contract.

Check document integrity

Anyone with a copy of the agreement can check it against the blockchain-stored ‘digital fingerprint’ to confirm the copy’s integrity against the original file. This prevents tampering.

Document lifecycle management: simplified

We know that managing documents is time-consuming and expensive. It doesn’t have to be. Enjoy an eSignature system that lets you sign, archive and access all your documents in a simple, fast and affordable way.

Use cases

Funding rounds

Whether you are looking at a pre-seed round or your company is at pre-IPO stage, you want to know everything about your investors BEFORE you sign highly important agreements with them.

Trust and escrow

It is becoming increasingly common to involve intermediaries such as trustees and escrow agents in funding and financing deals. With Holdex eSign, you can do your due diligence quickly and go straight to signing.

Financial audit

Make it easier for both you and your auditor by sharing your documents through a platform that is both easily accessible and secure.

Be ready to raise funds and acquire users for your DApp within days - easy, affordable and complaint.

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