Smart Contract - the heart of your crowdfunding campaign

Smart contracts - the core of independent and trustworthy crowdfunding campaigns. Holdex provides you with secure and cost-efficient Smart contracts based on Ethereum network

Smart Contract - the heart of your campaign

Two MUST HAVE smart contracts for successful crowdfunding campaign

Smart contract for Token creation

Before you tell your backers to support you, ensure you have your own ERC20 compliant Token.

Crowdsale Smart contract

Already have a Token? You are almost there! Now get a Smart contract for Token distribution.

It’s all about the features

Here are top ICO Smart contract functions Holdex implements in your ICO campaigns

Capped Contracts

Min (Soft) cap… Max (Hard) cap… It is pretty much a standard. Make sure you have this if you want to make your community feeling secure.

Sale bonuses and discounts

Run pre-sale-, time- and amount-based discounts to incentivize more backers to support your campaign.

Time Vault Contracts

Set up time limits for withdrawals to stop vindictive backers from taking their contribution back before your crowdsale ends. Plus, a time vault adds extra trust, preventing the team collecting the funds to run away.

Mintable Tokens

Sometimes it is necessary to release more tokens during crowdsale. Consider the case when all issued tokens are sold, but you still have backers coming in for your crowdsale.

Multisig Contracts

Reduce to a minimum the chance of unauthorised withdrawals from your fund.

Burnable & Freezing Tokens

What about unsold tokens? Use them as a reward... or just burn 🔥 them (can eventually lead to an increase value of your tokens)... or freeze them and use them later.

Refundable Contracts

Return to backers their funds in case you want to cancel campaign, or when the soft cap is not reached or if something else happens.

Upgradable Contracts

This feature will let you upgrade your Token or Crowdsale contract later when you need it.

Security is a must

We comply with high security standards by implementing

Industry best practices (ConsenSys)
OpenZeppelin Security framework
Smart contract audit by third party
Industry best practices (ConsenSys)
OpenZeppelin Security framework
Smart contract audit by third party

Technologies we use

Need more than a smart contract?

If you need help with other aspects of ICO check below and find out what else we can do for you.

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