Anonymous, Secure, Fast Rewarding Cryptocurrency For Everyone

The Benefits of Adast

Fast - No more lengthy wait times – Adast transactions are simple and efficient.

Masternodes - Create your masternode, help the network and make money

Secure - Have complete ownership and control over your finances.

Staking - Forget power-hungry mining rigs – stake and earn interest

Low Fees - Adast improves your savings with .00001 transaction fees

Community Driven - As a Adast owner, you’re part of a powerful support network

A Proof of Stake Coin For Everyone

Staking your Adast not only secures and stabilizes the network – it also rewards you with an annual interest rate based on the current block reward.

The more you earn, the more earning potential you have. This key difference puts the earning power in your hands and not powerful mining cartels.


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