Akencash is a universal, scalable blockchain platform. The main task of which is to provide instant anonymous online payments applicable in everyday life today.

ASIC RESISTANCE - Technology that solves the problem of significant acceleration of network complexity growth when using ASIC (in comparison with CPU usage). Akencash network uses NeoScrypt algorithm to solve this problem.

MASTERNODE - Akencash uses the algorithm consensus PoW with the masternode system support. This makes the project economically attractive for mining, and provides passive income to masternode holders. Masternode provides network integrity, anonymity of transactions, speed of transactions.

ANONYMITY - Anonymity of transactions in the system is provided by the PrivateSend algorithm. Users can trust the system completely, and not worry about third-party access to data, as the system securely encrypts data when transferring and receiving assets.

TRANSACTIONS SPEED - High speed of transactions ensured by the instantaneous exchange of data across the network. The transaction time is about 5 seconds.

DECENTRALIZATION - Akencash Network implies the impossibility of creating sites that have a dominant influence on the other members of the network. Influence on coins is also excluded as their release is limited, and additional emission is not provided.

FREEDOM - The user's account can not be blocked, and the funds can not be accessed by anyone except their owner.


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