Allbit Proof of Token Platform (APOT) By collecting diverse opinions from distributed individuals, tokens are reviewed and evaluated in the APOT Platform

Allbit is concerned about the chaos happening in the Crypto Market because manipulated and altered information of specific coins’ value and price are shared and distributed to various communities and markets; resulting on a widespread outbreak of damage to investors such as a sharp rise in prices, fall in value, prevention of the activation of valuable tokens, and an increase in the interest of unworthy tokens.

Hence, Allbit plans to solve this problem through the Proof of Token Platform service, a voting method of collective intelligence.

How does it work? Cooperate with existing Token Experts in the market to provide the intrinsic value of the assessed coin by its value, price, team, vision, etc. then participants get to vote for the coin value. Voting reflects the Reputation activity of each participant and each different Voting will have a different Voting share. Voting of the coin is determined by a large number of people, which prevents valueless coins from being traded at a high price and valuable coins from being traded for low prices and being unrecognizable in the market.

Moreover, it means that if the Voting Power increases, the Token Expert also increases leading to Voting participants to hope and grow to be a Token Expert.

In comparison, Token Experts will provide more precise and objective information than general Voting users, and the accumulation of these data will be an indicator of a window of information delivery and investment.


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