Why you should buy DASH coin in 2020


Crypto lovers are always on the lookout for the next big buy, and it can be hard to decide which coins are best worth your time and money in the increasingly flashy and crowded crypto space. But I have every reason to believe that one of the best buys you can make this year is one that’s been there all along - read on to find out why you should buy DASH coin in 2020!

What’s happening in DASH coin news?

DASH continues to show strong growth in adoption in developing markets, such as the nation of Venezuela. A country long plagued by serious issues with inflation, Venezuela provides a suitable testing ground for cryptocurrency adoption and provides interesting data on how crypto use can empower societies. At the current reported growth rate by the company by the end of last year, DASH is set to hit the milestone of being installed on 1 million devices within the country in 2020.

DASH has also announced a compelling growth strategy focusing on other growing markets such as Sub-Saharan Africa and the Philippines.

How does this affect your DASH coin price prediction?

Among other altcoins available in the market, DASH was one of the best performers to watch since the beginning of 2020. Looking at a DASH coin index, it’s easy to see that overall there are bullish sentiments over the future of the coin and given the trajectory of the DASH coin price history, the second half of 2020 looks set to see another upswing in the prospects of DASH.


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