EOS vs Ethereum: how devs adoption can impact price


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It’s been one of the most enduring battles in Crypto history, with no sign of a clear winner anytime soon.

Here we’ll look into EOS vs Ethereum, a tale of two smart contract blockchains, focusing on why many an EOS coin price prediction is taking a bullish position on its future performance.

  • What’s the EOS Team up to? EOS is a newer and less established coin compared to Ethereum, but the team has big plans for how the coin will develop in the future. EOS has a much larger focus on becoming a true ecosystem for decentralized applications, or DApps. These intriguing applications function similarly to the apps we all know and love today, but have the additional benefit of being decentralized - meaning they are not controlled by any one individual or organization.
  • Why would devs want to adopt EOS? If the EOS team makes good on its promises , EOS will eventually be able to handle millions of transactions per second. Compare that to Ethereum, which can only handle around 15 transactions every second at this stage.

This planned upgrade would mean that EOS would become functionally capable of handling any kind of application devs can throw at it - making possible some so far improbable applications such as a social media network entirely on the blockchain: with the EOS network handling incredible volumes of likes, shares, comments and payments all within a matter of seconds.

  • How close is EOS to achieving its goals? EOS blockchain explorers show that EOS is still quite a way away from reaching the incredible transaction speeds that it wants to achieve. Historically, it’s topped out at around 3000 transactions per second. However EOS’ developer BlockOne is intent on attracting more developer interest to the platform, and has been incentivising app development through competitions and other promotions.

As EOS comes closer and closer to achieving their transaction speed goal, this is sure to be reflected positively in EOS prices across the board.


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