Ethereum 2.0 is launched.


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Launch of Ethereum 2.0. The Ethereum community started the migration to a new version of the Ehereum network Ethereum 2.0. The main difference is in the consensus algorithm. While the current version of Ethereum is using the proof-of-work technic to decide on blocks to be minted and miners to get a reward, in Ethereum v2 the consensus and miners' rewards are calculated based on the proof-of-stake algorithm. As we know, proof-of-stake is much more efficient.

Greater decentralization.

Let anyone with 32 $ETH contribute in a greater decentralization. You can see on this map that today the network has a certain degree of centralization, which creates a security concern.


It consumes way less energy, which makes it more scalable and eco-friendly (less carbon dioxide (CO2) emission).

Cheaper transactions.

Transactions costs are predicted to be much cheaper (!), which helps with the adoption of Ethereum technology in general.

Ethereum v2 Roadmap implementation.

For those who are interested in technicalities, have a look into this schema.

Source: post by @trent_vanepps

If you are curious to know more or would like to participate in staking $ETH


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