The blockchain technology for the mass market

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is this the next big blockchain? They have massive partnerships and look really slik.

But I'm like "another token that will be used for yet the same stuff: staking, fees and rewards". Anyways maybe it will be different this time:-)

Anyone knows how far these guys are in terms on exchange presence?

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Based on my research, they didn't release the mainnet yet. Also, the initial token sale was done exclusively on CoinList. Here is a quote (source ):

Flow Token (FLOW) is the native asset for the Flow layer-one blockchain. CoinList is the only place to purchase FLOW before its mainnet release.

So, answering your question: the $FLOW token is not listed on exchanges yet. For today, there is no official secondary market.

P.S. if you find out where I can get some $FLOW, please let me know 😉