BREAKING: Stablecoin pools attacked. $25M stolen

Harvest Finance
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On Oct 26 2020 the Havest Finance's stablecoin pools have been attacked. This has been reported through a tweet from the Harvest Finance team.

The attacker manipulated the stablecoins prices in Curve , then through an exploit in Harvest Finance smart contracts, he was able to withdraw them at a different rate. Approximately $25M in stablecoins has been withdrawn in BTC. The exploit was done through a flashloan zap, therefore Havest Finance's team didn't have more than 7 minutes to react to it.

  • What's next?

Users reportedly noticed that their wallet now have less stablecoins. The $FARM price dropped 60% in just couple hours. ⚠️

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Reminds me of the $SUSHI days. )) I saw there is a bounty of 100K $ on Twitter for those who could convince the attackers to return everything back, we’ll see.

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