sUSD: is Synthetix optimizing gas consumption on mint?

Synthetix Network Token
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I love the article on the Rise of sUSD , it makes a powerful case for $sUSD adoption, which is great, and I understand why that token would be the darling of Synthetix besides $SNX itself.

However, at present, it just costs so much to mint. I'd say that is the main hindrance on $sUSD adoption? What does your roadmap say about this issue?

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It's true it is a hindrance but I doubt Synthetix is stopping. They have a very active community. Check their latest community call in September to see what's happening there.

I think for your question in specific you'd need an insider with knowledge of how the roadmap is being fulfilled.



I think this is what brought the decay on the sCRV pool in Curve . Expensive gas, which probably impacted the perception of usability of $sUSD as well.

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