Poloniex Clone Script


What is Poloniex Clone Script?

This clone script is a simulation platform from Poloniex where Poloniex features can be searched and all its functions delivered to users.

Your Poloniex follows the advanced blockchain technology and stores the data in blocks.

It is peer-to-peer and there is no third party between traders and it simplifies trust.

The exchange you are looking for is decentralized and does not belong to any group or organization that provides high security.

Try to get simulated scripts from tested developers.

This platform offers you various commercial and custom features that you can do a profitable business.

Poloniex Clone Script receives a reasonable fee for each transaction and its average profit is high. Users who have used Poloniex before can confirm this. That is why the demand for its use is high.

This clone software supports digital currencies and Fiat and has a good rating from users.

As mentioned, Poloniex encryption offers Poloniex exchange features, but in addition to these features, you can add or subtract other features to become your favorite clone script.

Features of Poloniex clone Script

This exchange offers various trades, including margin trades, contract trades, matching trades, futures trades, futures trades and OTC trades.

This exchange has different versions of all systems and devices.

Their customer service is very fast and you can trade in it at any time.

Its multilingual support helps users to trade in their own language and makes it easier for them to trade.

High API speeds up your trades.

KYC / AML certification is provided to provide a safe environment for users.

Live trading charts help you make your trades more consciously and confidently.

Secure wallets are provided to help you keep your currencies in a safe and secure environment.

Two-step verification is done to ensure you log in to an account that is sure to be yours.

The cost of each transaction in this exchange is really low and can motivate you to make more transactions.

The exchange supports several Fiat currencies that make it possible to buy and sell digital currency with Fiat currency.

Its beautiful and accessible design gives traders a comfortable and uncomplicated environment that saves them time.

Its popularity and acceptance among older traders has given it a high ranking among other exchanges.

How does Poloniex Clone Script work?

To set up a Poloniex trading account and start buying and selling digital currencies on the same platform, you need to follow a few very simple steps in order.

It does not matter where you are in the world, all you have to do is sign up for Poloniex Clone Script to access the Internet.

In the first step, enter the software and with a few clicks and enter a series of information such as personal email address or mobile phone number and password, you can do the first step of registration.

The second stage of registration is a continuation of the previous stage, but since it is very important, we will state it separately to attract your attention.

This step is to receive confirmation from KYC / AML before entry.

The third step is to pay in such a way that you are obliged to pay the amount that you can do with a credit card or bank card.

These funds are needed to buy digital currency and start exchanges.

In the fourth step, choose a safe wallet to put your currencies.

And now it's the last and fifth step, which is to start the transaction where you have to specify the currency and its amount and buy from the seller who sells this currency for the amount you want.



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