Lisk sidechains: attracting devs with customization


Lisk (LSK) is a unique blockchain application platform that was started in 2016. Using its own token, LSK, as well as its own Blockchain network, Lisk’s attraction is in how it offers developers a greater level of customization and implementation options compared to other systems. This is done through giving developers the ability to deploy their own sidechains and custom tokens that are linked to the main Lisk network..

What are sidechains and how do they work with Lisk?

Sidechains are ‘branched-off’ blockchains that are still connected to the parent mainchain. Lisk sidechains each host their own blockchain apps, separate from the main blockchain, therefore laying the foundation for a distinctively ‘modular’ cryptocurrency.

One of Lisk’s biggest draws for developers is the fact that it offers them a software development kit (SDK) that offers greater accessibility in the creation of decentralized applications, or DApps. The Lisk SDK is written in JavaScript, which is the most popular programming language in the world. Just one look at the Lisk Github how the SDK has been designed in a way that makes DApp creation a much more approachable proposition for developers all around the world.

If you want to get started with Lisk, you will easily find it available via many different leading cryptocurrency exchanges. However, the Lisk Wallet available on the Lisk Website is also a great option, as it offers users the functionality of holding both LSK and Bitcoin (BTC) in the same wallet, allows for participation in the DPos consensus algorithm and even includes a Lisk blockchain explorer!


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