Are fees lower on Polkadot vs Ethereum?

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by Just a Girl into Crypto3 months ago • ... views



I know very little about the advantages of Polkadot over Ethereum — yeah I know...I should read this up — BUT can someone tell me in few words (please) how is DeFi better on Polkadot vs Ethereum? Is it about the fees?

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Stealing this fine answer from Google:

Ethereum is a platform for deploying smart contracts, or pieces of logic that control the movement of native assets or state on the single Ethereum chain. In contrast, Polkadot aims to provide a framework for building your own blockchain and an ability to connect different blockchains with each other.

As for the DeFi part: I actually don’t know the difference. But I guess yeah, hopefully the fees will be lower🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😆