Restoring trust after a 7M USD loss

Origin Protocol
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A week ago Origin was attacked and lost 7M USD. What's scary is that apprently:

Tuesday’s attack utilized a flash loan and flaws in OUSD contracts to initiate what is known as a “rebase,” according to Etherscan and an updated blog from the team. The attack artificially inflated the supply of OUSD tokens within the protocol before swapping the newly printed tokens on SushiSwap and Uniswap for USDT, the blog states.

I wonder what the team plans to do to prevent flaws in the contracts again....

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I saw this too on the news. By the way: where did you get the quoted text?

I wouldn't be too harsh on them. Hackers are getting pretty sharp these days and come up with all sorts of new tricks.

Still your question is valid and I'd like to know too. I like Origin a lot but yeah security first, right?

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