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Strong Security In Bitcoin, to send coins from multisig addresses, private keys are actually not needed. That can be exploited by hackers to send coins from any multisig address. It is just a matter of time before some multisig addresses lose coins big. Sthcoin solves that problem.

High speed Coins sent to the addresses obtained from the web site (https://www.soothing.center ) arrive instantly and are available for use right away.

Fair mining Sthcoin uses a unique mining algorithm called Dynamic Operations with Wide Sampling (DOWS). With that, it is impossible for GPU and ASIC to work. In other words, only CPU mining is possible. No matter how many coins have been mined, you can always use your home computer to mine and get some share.

Low fee The fee paid to make transactions is super low in Sthcoin. Feel free to send coins without having to worrying about losing a big trunk.

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