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SPOKKZ mission is to disrupt the $2 trillion traditional Media Industry by creating a AI driven, decentralised ecosystem and marketplace where Fans & Content Producers will join Advertisers, Stars, Influencers and Merchants as stakeholders.

More and more businesses recognise that they need an online community to build sustainability and resilience. While online communities can definitely be useful, many don’t understand that transforming communities from participating in purely transactional relationships to productive value-add engagement, is very difficult.

SPOKKZ intends to help with this problem so that brands can build and engage with their communities more efficiently and effectively.

SPOKKZ intends to create a decentralised platform that will allow content creators to create and manage their own content, brands and communities, and earn revenues from advertisers, pay-per-view, subscription and in-app gamification revenues - imagine a decentralised YouTube platform that incorporates gamification, rewards, but is focused on delivering revenues to both viewers and content creators.

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