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SPORTSPLEX dreams to create a community-based sports portal where users actively participate.

The first service SPORTSPLEX attempts to create is fantasy sports. This is because fantasy sports is a service that users enjoy while actively exchanging opinions and sharing knowledge with each other.

The fantasy sports currently available by SPORTSPLEX include MLB,NBA and SPORTSPLEX have plans to introduce NFL, NHL and eSports such as LOL in 2020.

In addition to fantasy sports, SPORTSPLEX will launch the sports management simulation game. This will meet the needs of the sports enthusiasts and encourage them to share their opinions and knowledge more. In the game, users can trade their game asset by cryptocurrency. With this factor, users will have right about their own game asset unlike to the past.

As users enjoy content such as fantasy sports and sports management simulation game, the users will share a lot of their opinions and knowledge each other. It makes SPORTSPLEX become a community. After that, SPORTSPLEX hopes to expand its service to UCC or news and to grow up a sports portal through this.

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