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Squeezer brings the microservices technology to blockchain technology. This move fixes the scaling issues and adjusts the stack to fit within the blockchain flexibility. Squeezer are building so called connectors which make the blockchain more friendly to developers and provide instant access to the blockchains data assets.

Main features of Squeezer Squeezer is a platform that helps software developers build apps easily without tackling the entire blockchain infrastructure. It is also a powerful tool for providing high-quality blockchain software components to large enterprise organizations. Squeezer uses world-class microservices platforms, such as AWS Lambda, Google Functions, and Azure Functions.

Squeezer Token The Squeezer Platform is powered by the SQR token. Developers will purchase platform subscriptions with the token to create their applications. Additionally, all consultancy services provided by the Squeezer team will be paid for in SQR tokens. Every 6 months, we will use 25% of our profits to buy back SQR and destroy them, until we buy 40% of all the SQR back.

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