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In the future, the trend of scientific and technological progress will develop from "Internet" to "Internet of things" and "mutual trust network". Intelligent driving is the best carrier of "Internet of everything", and "unmanned driving" is the ultimate development direction of automotive intelligence. Enhances productivity in the digital economy era, artificial intelligence, Internet of things to expand production, chain block machine, create trust will reshape the future human production relations, the travel chain (SUPTChain) will be the first block chain + car + Internet of things of the combination of artificial intelligence complete ecological travel application, development of the country's first based on trusted Cloud development COS (Cloud Operation System) the underlying chain technology, based on the cosine and technology to develop intelligent driving chain, intelligent transportation and insurance three side chain of science and technology, Build a credible cloud computing based COS public chain + a vertical application ecology based on the combination of AI intelligent driving and Internet of things, with the protection technology as the financial support, and the chain technology can support the block chain application of millions of concurrent volumes

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