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It's been a busy week in crypto full of pumps, dumps, twists, hacks memes and much more. And it couldn't be less busy for the SushiSwap . Here is a short summary of important for the community things in my first thread on Holdex. Excited πŸ™ˆ

New interface

On September 29, the $SUSHI team launched their new user interface under a new domain named Besied what we could already do at, the new interface supports the following features:

  • Governance
  • Oamakase bar
  • Announcements from social media
  • Menu of the week
  • And a bunch of cool stats to keep your eyes on πŸ‘€
SushiSwap New UI

New team

0xMaki gathered a small team from early contributors and people who were doveoted to SushiSwap not matter what. New team members have not yet been approved by the community through governance but already contributed, especially to the new interface. Current squad members are:

Menu of the week

A rotating menu made out of 9 tasty pools you can start earning on. The menu is supposed to rotate weekly but that again is subject of the community governance. Either way, this is what you can taste right now:

Pair APY
cDAI-DAI 41.83%
CREAM-WETH 111.48%
WETH-MEME 480.56%
wNXM-WETH 120.47%
yUSD-WETH 60.37%
WBTC-yUSD 65.59%
CRO-WETH 185.85%

There are more things in the development for SushiSwap which I'll try to keep my eyes on an cover in future threads. To receive these updates, πŸ‘€watch the SushiSwap community on Holdex. Pump this thread or leave a reply if you enjoyed the update πŸ™ and see you guys in the next one. πŸ‘‹


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