Why is Swerve not adding any more pools?

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When this project came out, I was so excited to see a community-run version of Curve. It felt necessary.

The liquidity mining was certainly very front-loaded. I don't think anyone will argue with that. However, the idea of a single pool was to reduce complexity at launch.

I understand the team and governance have been very active, but is there any timeline for seeing more pools in Swerve?

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From their governance, it seems like they were going to add a $BTC pool but they are not probably too busy migrating to Solana.



Are you talking about the crazy pools with up to 493% APY or just "normal pools"? LOL

I don't get what the industry and crypto space in general stands to gain when these crazy financial products come out. These returns are not viable in the long run and just give everybody a bad rep.

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