TakeOff Projects aim to provide innovative tools for investors. It is comprised of TakeOff News Search,TakeOff Centre and TakeOff Exchange.

TakeOff News Search Specialised Search Engine for investment-related information with AI. TakeOff News Search ver0.75 is already available.

TakeOff Centre Support for startups specialised in IT

TakeOff Exchange High-Speed Decentralized Exchange + Decentralized Multi-Token Payment: TakeOff Exchange Payment (Currently under development)

TakeOff Projects provide investors with useful tools by TakeOff News Search, connect investors and startups on TakeOff Centre, and provide a place for trading original tokens issued by startups on TakeOff Exchange. Furthermore, startup’s services make mutual utilisation of the original tokens via TakeOff Exchange Payment and increase the liquidity and the value of each token. (Including TKO token). This is TakeOff’s business model.

These are ecosystem affect each other deeply through TKO token.

TKO will be (1) a utility token for service provided by startups supported by TakeOff Centre. The more startups takeoff from TakeOff Centre, the more value TKO gets. (2) used as a utility token on TakeOff News Search and TakeOff Exchange. (3) one of base assets on TakeOff Exchange.


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