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The goal of TCP is to build a universal, well-supported, high-performance, easy-to-use, user-friendly and scalable block chain 4.0 infrastructure based on enhanced directed acyclic graph, and build a block chain 4.0 ecosystem that supports all kinds of applications on the chain.

TCP Focus Block Chain Infrastructure and Platform Layer Core Technologies, Construct Unique Distributed Anonymous P2P Network Communication Protocol, New Quantum Attack-Resistant Cryptographic Hash and Signature Algorithms, Unique Double-Layer Consensus and Mining Mechanism, Support Anonymous Protection of Transactions, Complete Intelligent Contract of Turing, and so on. Adopt Fair Distributor The system supports the functions of third-party asset issuance, cross-chain communication, multi-chain integration and so on. It can land in the practical application scenario in the form of public chain, alliance chain and private chain.

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