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Forest is a new “highly private”, “lightweight expansive”, “completely open” and “stable value-preserving” cryptology currency.

Forest does not use the address or extra information on the traditional blockchain, and believes transactional information can be simple and convenient in a secret packaging. In addition, Forest has adopted a relay strategy of “random wandering” similar to the onion network to ensure that every transaction is trackable before publicizing blockchain information.

Forest adopted the most advanced MimbleWimble protocol and made it delete and compress historic transactional information to a large extent with the promise of doing no harm to key information, shaping a lightweight blockchain information account book and ensuring the long-term expansiveness of Forest.

Forest has a completely open development community that mainly consists of developers from various regions and countries. Forest is not a company, fund or any other profitable controlled group, its major target is to realize a fair, open, convenient and secure public chain for daily private payment.

Forest's positioning is as a value preserving cryptology currency with high privacy, expansiveness, and openness. Therefore, it is different from the high inflation Grin currency model. The total circulation of Forest is 2.1 billion, with a limited amount, which means it has a deflation model with the long-term perspective, hence it is beneficial to reserve long-term value.


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