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The Tokes Platform was founded to solve the legal cannabis industry’s banking problem via cryptocurrency payments, however we now provide several software solutions for both payment processing and supply chain management.

WHY DOES CANNABIS NEED CRYPTOCURRENCY? Due to the federal regulatory environment, cannabis sales are only legal at the state level of government. Essentially, the only way to do business is in cash. This is a headache for dispensary operators. The Tokes Platform provides a convenient and safe digital solution for both merchants and consumers. In the midst of this cash hurdle, the legal cannabis industry is compliance heavy, requiring cultivators and dispensaries to keep meticulous track of their businesses. Our supply chain solutions provide blockchain based tracking and compliance from cultivation to analysis, to out-the-door packaging.

With blockchain technology, we can track and store information about genetic strains, testing data, and harvests.

WHY TOKES, WHY NOT JUST USE BITCOIN? Tokes is bigger than providing a temporary solution or service. The success of Tokes is merely a stepping stone to our end goal. Education is the most critical aspect of user adoption, and has been largely overlooked by other projects. We are operating in a technologically advanced space, and although we understand the mechanics of cryptocurrency, it’s no secret that 95% of the population does not. We’re undertaking huge efforts to educate and inform partners at the merchant level on how to adopt and implement our technology right into their dispensaries. We’ll further these efforts by similarly teaching the consumers on how to use the technology.

Not to be overlooked, one of the greatest marketing advantages we have as a business is that we have immediate access to approximately 85% of the local dispensaries in Las Vegas, while our partner TheraCann has offices in the Mid Western U.S., Canada, Germany, Australia, and South America. What sets us apart from other cryptocurrencies is that our user scope is wider. Aside from the retail dispensary customers, we engage with cultivators, labs, and ancillary industry partners.


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