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Utilising the Stellar Blockchain, payments in TON$ are completed in seconds meaning that they are already as commercially practical as payments over a traditional card processing network but at a fraction of the cost.

Currently in alpha testing, the TON.Money App supports push-button instant atomic swaps between TON$ & FIAT assets such as EUR, USD, CNY, HKD & JPY opening up the possibilty for TON$ to be accepted by merchants & partners worldwide.

By the end of 2018, TON$ will start being accepted as payment at selected Partners & Merchants & in 2019 the TON.Money wallet will commence integration to global card issuing schemes enabling our TON Cards to be used at ATMs & merchants in each supported region.

Supported by the growth of the financial ecosystem around the globally important TontineTrust platform, TON Money has all of the characteristics required to become one of the major top tier digital currencies & a key constituent in any private or institutional portfolio of crypto assets.

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