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Trent is a next generation blockchain that will empower the new shared economy. The Trent Evo Blockchain is ready to offer state of the art innovations related to speed, security and integration. The Trent Evo Blockchain is set to provide a major improvement on the way cryptocurrencies work across platforms while bringing a user friendly experience with zero compromise on security. The future of blockchain should include everyone, lowering the barrier to entry and tech knowledge required by the old generation blockchains.

Trent will become a standard, being developed, audited and approved by some of the brightest blockchain researchers worldwide. This standard will make for an easy implementation with all I/O provided by the Faythe decentralized AI. Trent stands behind the original idea of Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash and will fully deliver on all the promises of the original blockchain while creating all the necessary addons required for dapps and Faythe I/O.

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