Tron coin news: dropping anonymity with TRON 4.0


In an exciting boon for TRON coin price predictions, crypto enthusiasts around the world are getting psyched over TRON’s newest release, TRON 4.0. Set to be released by July 2020, the TRON team is promoting this upgrade as inclusive of a massive upgrade to its privacy features.

What’s exciting about this latest TRON coin news?

Justin Sun, founder of the TRON Foundation, has announced that this update would make TRON the first blockchain platform with a smart contract privacy protocol. This essentially would have the effect of making transactions on TRON potentially untraceable. However, this is going to be a standalone feature that developers are going to have to opt into, in order to avoid running afoul of different regulatory and compliance standards around the world.

All this is made possible through the introduction of zk-SNARKS onto the platform, an iteration of zero-knowledge proofs that can essentially help parties over public blockchain networks to prove knowledge of information to each other, without revealing anything more than the fact that the knowledge is indeed held.

Besides this intriguing anonymity feature, TRON 4.0 will also debut the following:

  • A better DPos (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism: This will help reduce block confirmation time from almost a minute to around 3 seconds!
  • An enterprise blockchain solution: Further details are incoming, but this features aims to speed up the development and deployment of enterprise applications on the blockchain.

The release is happening in just a few more weeks, so keep your ears to the ground for more exciting TRON crypto news!


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