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Trunk Coin is Complete One stop solution for the Cryptocurrency Wallets. TRUNK coin is PoS / Masternode based Crypto coin. The Trunk Coin Providing the Multi-Wallet to cryptocurrencies Such as Android, iOS, Windows, Linux as well as a Multi-currency wallet app with a web interface. We Give services to those who need wallets to keep their cryptocurrencies very safe. We apply extreme security measures to keep funds safe. We are also working for a Decentralized Cryptocurrency Multi Wallet

What’s is Decentralized Cryptocurrency Multi Wallet.?

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Multi Wallet Means you can access the same Crypto coin from multiple Operating Systems. Which means you can access the coin from ios, Windows, Web Interface, Android, Linux Etc., For More Security we will also Decentralize the wallets. We are researching towards it.

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