TTMC will establish a platform based on block chain IOT data capitalization solution and data transactions. This platform will preserve and secure the storage of various data and information, Through block chains with confirmation of rights. And then turn data into valuable data assets. All contributors of data can benefit from data trading, thus the distribution of data capitalization and data assets benefits can be realized. There are 3 business directions of the company presently:

First, Medical Information Platform. This platform will build a value system of data accumulation and circulation based on medical information, And can track effectively the authenticity and circulation of drugs. And at the same time, accumulate medical information of symptoms such as muscular dystrophy and dementia. Providing effective data and information support for patients' rehabilitation and doctors' treatment.

The Second is Personal Behavior Large Data Platform. It can achieve accurate delivery of advertising information. Through collecting behavioral data of people in specific scenarios, and sort the population according to the data.

The Third is Virtual Currency Payment Platform–C-Cube. E-coupons can be purchased by virtual currency through the platform. The e-coupons will be acceptable in all kinds of stores, including clothes, foods, cosmetics, movie tickets, etc. Where no handling fees are required, and instead, discounts will be available for you. Presently, there has been 60 brands and 60 thousand stores signed contracts with C-Cube.

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