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TuneStarTV is an entertainment live streaming platform.

It is a platform where everyone from all across the world participates. Entertainers(singers, actors, comedians and artists) and producers(film directors and CP) communicate directly with TuneStarTV members in order to create fandoms and get support and funds through the live streaming.

TST Token is not only used for the fan club subscription fees, star sponsorships, star product purchases, movies, sound recordings, and dramas, but also for the VR360 production service, star training, and crowdfunding.

Having a TST allows you to airdrop 10% of the platform’s revenue. You are also entitled to participate in crowdfunding for as many TST Tokens as you have. You may receive the profits incurred from the products that you have funded depends on the STAKING period up to 14% of TST Token per month.

TuneStarTV aims to become an “Entertainment Live Streaming YouTube” and help trainees and celebrities’ dreams come true through a global service.

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