400 UNI Reward = estimate $2000 USD


Amplify Protocol

Have you used uniswap?

I just want to make sure everyone is aware of this - but Uniswap just releasd the UNI token and the model includes a retrospectice award. this means that if you have ever made a contract call with the uniswap service - even if the transaction failed and was not even successful - YOU have a claim with uniswap for 400 UNI - current valution $2000+ USD.

Honestly it sounds too good to be true - but ive already claimed 2x the rewards for a quick comeup of $4225. i just happened to see a tweet about the event or i wouldve missed it altogeher

if you have ever used uniswap even one single time go to their website - app.uniswap.org and connect your wallet and find the claim UNI button!! Truly incredible!

comment below if anyone is able to claim their 400 UNI 


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