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VIRIDI was in the beginning the only cryptocurrency allowing investments in marijuana plants. The marijuana industry is lucrative business with a billion-dollar value worldwide. The industry is constantly growing as new countries legalizes the use of marijuana. The foremost use of VIRIDI is to get access in the investment opportunity, which enables investors to get a high return.

The Main Company for VIRIDI is Exer Global Group Corp., based in Cyprus while “Guardians of VIRIDI AG” from Lichtenstein is the trustee company for VIRIDI coin having invested in large cannabis plantations in Switzerland.

The dividend from these plantations form VIRIDI’s underlying value. This value is what allows the company to give VIRIDI coin owners a return on investments 4 times yearly. The vision is to facilitate the worldwide growth and distribution of cannabis via investments that have an attractive return policy and will give the VIRIDI coin a high value.

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