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Vivaldi is a global platform for musicians from around the world. Today's musical applications have many problems, and this includes intrusive advertising, high prices for subscription and music, and low rewards for musicians. With the Vivaldi blockchain platform, all obstacles to modern music progress will disappear. Any musician who wants to let the world know about his work will be able to publish tracks on Vivaldi site and make them popular. If the music becomes popular, then the musician will not only gain new fans, but also will receive a hefty income.

For fans of music, Vivaldi also offers a set of advantages. First, Vivaldi uses only targeted advertising - you will not hear offers about goods and services that you are not interested in. Second, you do not have to pay a lot for music: Vivaldi charges a minimum fee for its services.

Vivaldi will make relationships between musicians and the audience fair and transparent. So, in the short term, the popularity of modern musicians and their revenues will increase. It is the main goal of the Vivaldi the developers.

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