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The Vostok proof-of-stake (PoS) private blockchain platform is leveraging the latest advances in the blockchain technology by implementing Waves-NG, a next-generation consensus algorithm, increasing network capacity, stability and speed. The platform is primarily intended to connect public administration services, banks, registries, and payment providers to form the foundation of the digital infrastructure for the certifying, registering and tracking of data.

The Vostok system integrator then conducts the concept design for the integration and incorporation of the blockchain-based platform, making it easy-to-use. It is a structural-functional solution facilitating the development, maintenance and implementation of the platform. This is especially important for large enterprises and public institutions in need of a universal solution that provides both a usable tech product and a self-sustaining tool for quick setup and smooth operation and optimization long-term. The integrator works with any technology stack, prioritizing the development of working solutions based on the Vostok private blockchain platform.

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