What is “WeShow” Platform? Weshow platform is Decentralized short-video entertainment platform. Weshow overthrows excessive brokerage fee and unreasonable profit sharing structre of existing me media broadcasting platform. New short-video platform “Weshow” allows everyone to become producer who can freely produce diverse contents, and to make profit through their contents, communicating with other users of platform.

Community Incentives “Weshow” platform users can make profit through “Wetoken incentive that can be easily earned simply by participating in the Platform.

Free content production “Weshow” platform contents providers can make independent producing space to freely make new contents communicating with the participants.

Professional team All members participating on “Weshow” project are experienced experts from “wecasting” of MCN corporation which already has annual sales of over 100million USD.

Diverse business model “Weshow” platform can offer diverse business models to both contents provider and community participants by gift delivering, “Wetoken” sending, advertisement services.

Contents Provider Using short-video making, live broadcasting services They can produce contents freely in their independent space.

Community Participants By participating in “Weshow” platform, contents provider and community participants can communicate with each other developing the platform.

WeToken It is incentive crypto-currency used in “Weshow” platform, provided to both contents providers and community participants giving them profits.

Gift sending service Gift sending service opens a new communication channel between content provider and community participants


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