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WHAT IS WHALESBURG? Whalesburg mining platform is a software bundle for cryptocurrency miners. Our software has three primary goals:

  1. Simplify the setup of your mining operation.
  2. Increase your yield.
  3. Offer you the best time-saving mining tools.

It consists of five main parts:

  1. Multi-currency mining pool.
  2. Operating system.
  3. Whalesburg Cloud.
  4. Profit-switching solution.
  5. Hardware monitoring management software.

WHALESBURG is the first crypto-mining platform with an profit-switching algorithm!

Whalesburg Token (WBT) is ERC-20 utility token released by Whalesburg Mining platform. WBT is a tool that not only brings you to the next level of mining profitability, but itself is a tradable token. Also its an effective marketing way to gamify a product and build a strong community.

Holding WBT can bring you to the next level in terms of mining profitability. You can increase your share price and thus your overall profit by holding enough tokens to upgrade to the next tier.

Every tier gives you additional X% to your profit according to the following tiers structure.

STANDARD - basic share price (average market price) - no token required

1 tier - basic share price + 0.5% 2 tier - basic share price + 1% 3 tier - basic share price + 1.5% 4 tier - basic share price + 2%



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