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XC, Chinese currency is based on the name of heart block chain digital assets decentralized Ethernet Square Ethereum issue, it is based on standard Ethernet ERC20 Square block chain of tokens, in at 11:16 on October 2018 Ri trading as CCASHThe platform currency of the platform was officially launched.

Special incentive mechanism: 20% of the core business of Xinhai Health Industry Group's core business is used to reward the owner of the chain

There are two main core businesses:

  1. 20% net profit of the materialized stem cell project of Xinhai Health Industry Group ;
  2. Xinhai Health Industry Group's medical cooperation business 20% net profit.

Discount deductible CCASH platform transaction fee: Users who participate in the transaction on the CCASH platform, regardless of any tokens traded, when the transaction fee is required to be paid, if the full amount of the heart chain is held, the system will charge the required fee. Discount discount, and calculate the number of equivalent heart chains according to the market value at that time, and use the heart chain to complete the payment of the handling fee.

Discount rate: 50% in the first year, 25% in the second year, 12.5% in the third year, 6.75% in the fourth year, no discount after the fifth year.

Decentralized trading fuel : In the future, the heart chain will also be the fuel for the de-centralized trading platform on the chain. When using the heart-chain to decentralize the trading platform, the core chain needs to be paid accordingly.


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