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The popularization of the ERC20 digital token, built on the Ethereum Blockchain, emerges as an important breath of novelty in a cryptographic scenario permeated by digital assets that bring little practical utility for the user and pave the way for speculative attacks and increased volatility.Digital tokens created in the Ethereum ecosystem belong to a class of assets that offer transparency in the total number of currencies, owners and issuance, as well as agility and reliability in confirmations. These are characteristics that drive the creation of smart contracts and financial assets specialized in transfers.The proposal of the ZCore Token (ZCRT) is to take advantage of the technological and usability advantages offered by the platform and go further, offering a digital asset which combines to a concrete payment solution project with real impact: the ZCRT is a token linked to a payment system that involves an innovative POS (point-of-sale) in hardware (card terminal) and software. The release is part of ZCore Pay platform, a new ZCore Project product created by the same developers of the ZCore cryptocurrency (ZCR), the ZCore Masternodes System and the social network ZCore Social.

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