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Zing Tokens are developed with the ERC20 standard and rides on the Ethereum Public Chain. They are interchangeable with Zing Credits (a credit that circulates within the Zing Music Application. The total volume of Zing Tokens and Credits is 10 billion. Apart from the pre-mined volume of 3 billion tokens and 1 billion credits, the remainder volume of 6 billion exists in the credits pool, which can only be released by Zing App users performing in-app tasks such as bringing in more users or creating and posting great music.the credits can be spent within the Zing ecosystem on buying virtual gifts for other users and artistes within the platform, to promote personal music for more views and exposure, as well as place advertisements on music pieces or to pay for artistes endorsements.The value of each zing token / credit is determined by an algorithm which calculates the advertising potential each token can bring (number of effective views per token spent) / the total number of tokens in circulation. As the token’s total volume is limited and the number of effective views increases exponentially over time with the increase of the user base, this provides a long term appreciation of value for the zing tokens / credits.

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