AMA @Satoshi Club with Amplify

By Giorgia


We are pleased to announce our next AMA on April 8th 2021 at 12:00 PM UTC Time: Satoshi Club x Amplify

⚠️Total Reward pool: $500

⚠️Requirements:<br/>👉 Follow Satoshi Club<br/>👉 Join Amplify Telegram group<br/>👉 Follow Amplify Twitter

We will have the following structure:

Part 1️⃣: $100 /6 users – We’ll select 6 questions from the community. A user can post maximum 3 questions. 6 Questions will be selected from our website – please submit your questions in the comments section of this post.

Part 2️⃣: $100/10 users – Open chat for 120 seconds. You can post Max 3 questions. Amplify Team will select 10 questions and answer them.

Part 3️⃣: $300 – A quiz about Amplify

For more details:<br/>Amplify – @ampttoken<br/>Satoshi Club – @satoshi_club<br/>Russian – @satoshi_club_ru<br/>Spanish – @satoshi_club_spanish



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