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Clearpool Finance

Lend stablecoins to leading institutions & earn attractive risk-adjusted yields.

As core members and stakeholders, we are Clearpool’s product department from day 1. We continue to design, develop, and launch lending products together with business stakeholders.

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Independent, economic & financial on-chain data in real-time.

We joined Truflation movement as the core contributors and stakeholders. Our immediate task is to design architecture, build, and launch an unstoppable decentralized network of financial data streams.


Zebec Protocol

Multi-chain streaming and web3 banking services for institutional and retail consumers.

Being aligned on the same mission to grow the adoption of decentralized financial services, Holdex provided Zebec access to a pool of investors to help secure their first investment round.


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AI-powered credit intelligence.

Synnax takes credit intelligence one step further and integrates AI to curate, analyze and, predict market data for decentralized loans. Holdex is assigned to lead product development and engineering team management at Synnax.


Robert Alcorn, Dario Capodici, Alessio Quaglini

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