Amplify Launches Community Testing Event

By Amplify Marketing


We have amazing news for all our supporters: we are moving to the testing phase and we invite everyone to join us! Here is what you need to do:

1️⃣ Share a comment to this post with the tag #AMPT_testing and include your ERC20 wallet address;

2️⃣ We will send you testing ETH via the Rinkeby testnet - after all this is a borrowing and lending platform so you’ll need funds to test;

3️⃣ Go to using Chrome (support of other browser is not there yet), connect Metamask on Rinkeby testnet and test away;

4️⃣ Report your feedback and bugs on Holdex ( in this thread or in our other social media channels using the tag #AMPT_bugreport.

☑️ Every participant will be rewarded according to their efforts and their speed. So only the first one discovering a confirmed bug will be rewarded:

➡️ 100 AMPT reward for simple bug reporting in writing

➡️ 300 AMPT reward for bug reporting with a screen recording

➡️ 500 AMPT reward for bug reporting with a screen recording and a solution

The Community Testing Event program is already live! We are waiting for your bug reports!

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